iBird Yard+ Guide to Birds App Reviews

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Sound stopped working with iPhone X

I updated my app to use with my iPhone X and now the sound no longer works. I works in my old iPad, but not the new iPhone X. Annoying.

Love this app

I like the multiple ways to ID a bird-shape, color, sound, area. These feathered friends are sometimes fleeting or hidden and reveal only a hint on who they are. A lot of work goes into creating a good database.

Good App

This app is really good for identifying the birds that come in my yard. I especially like using the the slideshow of the favorites list to learn to distinguish similar-looking birds. Sounds also help with this.

??? What the heck

By and all most of the Ibird guides are great. This one shows birds for my ares that do not show up here except under very , very rarely times and does not show birds that are common. The White pelican does not show up down here often but the Brown pelican is very common. This guide shows the white here but not the brown. I can go on with others but I will not now

Complete and easy

Very user friendly and accurate. I use the recorded bird songs to call them in.

Easy to use

Very handy and easy to use. Lots of good information.

Excellent Bird Resource

Easy to navigate, great pictures.

Great for watching my birdfeeders

I love this app! I use the gallery, full body view to quickly identify birds at my feeders. I favourite the ones I've seen to show my visitors. My four-year-old loves listening to the bird sounds and learning about them.

Helpful app

Great for identifying the birds I see at my feeders. The filter function really help to narrow down the choices when identifying birds I'm not familiar with. Ability to listen to the different calls and see actual photos is very nice also.

Needs the Loon

Love this app!! The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have the Common Loon, one of my favorites.

Awesome! Invaluable to me

I am mostly confined to the apartment for bow. The management seems to have no objection to my bird feeder. Living in upstate New York, I am amazed by the variety of birds that visit my feeder and nyger sock. I have even had visitors that should not be on a feeder, but they must not have checked this app. I am very happy with this app; regardless of the season it shows me the birds on the feeders and the ground. I do want to point out that this is iBird Yard, not a field guide, so not bird is listed, but for the yard it's great.

Needs more

Some birds in our region (apparently Chuckwills Widows) that we hear every year aren't listed at all. No Nightjars at all. Trying to learn and research, but this lets me down fairly often. Hoping for more.

Interactive multimedia bird enthusiasts bible

This app has it all. You can look at photos others have taken, you can upload your own, you can hear all the calls, and you can read a lot of information about each breed. You can view migration patterns also.

Best App for New Birdwatchers!

I love using this app. It has yet to disappoint me when identifying birds at my backyard feeders. It has been such a joy to actually know the names of the birds that I'm watching out of my window.

Fun for kids

Our almost two year old twin grandkids love to find new birds and find the birds they know from the park. They beg to hear the different sounds and songs of the birds, the colors, different beaks, etc...fun and educational for me too. I hope they will remember some birds and bird calls.

Not a birder, but a bird lover!

I live in the boonies in the PNW, having grown up in So. Cal. I have SO many birds passing through my yard - from owls and bald eagles to little yellow finch-like things that flit so fast that I haven't been able to see more than a blur of yellow! Someday, I'll see enough to narrow down my search, and I know this app will help me identify it. I've identified one frequent visitor by its morning-song! The perfect app for anyone who looks at the world with a "what's that?" on their lips!

Great app

I really enjoy this app, I like it most cause there's no commercials.

Too complicated

Originally a very good app. Now, even when putting the bird's correct name into the search pane, it continues to ask questions and then says "no matches!" Ridiculous!!


This is the best

Missing birds

Many bird sounds are missing, including common ones like Cardinal. Needs to be updated!!

I'm not a real birder...

I found, after moving across country, that I couldn't recognize even the most common birds in my new home. Since I live in a less urban environment, that means I was constantly asking, "what is that one?" This app is perfect!

Wish they would update the UI

Search feature is challenging. It would make sense if it were landscape but sliding back and forth isn't ideal.

Great reference

I use it for quick reference as well as thorough reviews. The recordings of calls are particularly helpful.

Outstanding app

A real "must" to have if you love birds! It is so easy to follow, since it is well organized! By giving a wide variety of different sounds by each bird, it is a great learning tool! A joy to have!!!

iBird Apps Are The Best !

I have tried all the various bird identification apps and find all the iBird apps from the Mitch Waite Group to be the most comprehensive, detailed and easiest to use. Photos and illustrations are top notch. Voice recording clear and very helpful. Rich in details and always well-researched and accurate. You can't go wrong with any of their products. Money well spent :-)

Bird Bible

Love the app. Good pics, descriptions, & sounds

Brilliant simple birding app

Perhaps not as complete as a full Peterson guide but this is a very simple to use breeding guide that contains the majority of what you would see in the field. As a naturalist/hunter I spend a lot of time infield blinds hunting other animals in this application is great to help identify and educate about the birds that happened to fly by my area.

Love it

This is a terrific app for those of us who have bird feeders in the garden. I've been able to identify quite a few birds. I love hearing their calls in this app too

very helpful

I live on the edge of an urban forest, so I have lots of visitors. This is very helpful, with lots of information ranging from photos, sounds, habits, how to recognize, and what attracts them and where they live. I couldn't ask for more.

Great app

This app is so handy and has really helped me, a birding newbie, better appreciate and enjoy birdwatching.

Easy to Use

I have enjoyed this app as it is comprehensive and easy to navigate.

iBird 7.25 Impressive update

I love that this developer updates their apps so often. I suggested the new Save Search feature and they actually implemented it only a month later. Keep up the great work Mitch Waite Group.

Love watching birds

Excellent very informative enjoy reading every bit of it


I have tried other bird apps and this one is by far the easiest one to use. I love watching the birds at my feeders and keeping track of the kind of birds that visit. I play the sound to attract them and they come and sit on my deck. Thanks....

Bird Explorer Backyard

Thank you for this it sound so real you drive my cats nuts looking the birds.Even have birds sing back. My wife love it,it help use know the sounds.

Ibird yard

Excellent. Very accurate birdsong.

Nice but...

Totally enjoy the ease of use and info on birds included but ... Feel the number of birds is a bit limited.

Like But Don't Love

The features of this app are easy to use and identification is easy. I particularly like the recorded sound feature. My only complaint is there are only 235 birds listed. I believe there are over 900 kinds of birds in the US alone. I wish this app had a more comprehensive list.

Great App For Backyard Birding

We live in a rural, semi-forested setting in northern Michigan. Therefore we have a mix of habitats and birds. We have found every species that we see on our property in the app. Our 6- and 8-year old grandkids love playing a game to memorize the calls. No problems or bugs encountered with the app.

Good app but wonder how long it will last

I have no problem with the app. My problem with this company is they are changing apps a lot of the time and you have to re buy the app that they take down. If it happens again I will start buying competitors apps.

Nice App but limited repository

Nice search capability and features. But very limited repository of birds for Texas.

Great resource

Now we can know the birds we like to watch. Great improvement over previous version. Good job. Great tool to use with our grand children.

Upgrade to 7.0 is noneexistant from 6.1 on iPod touch 4

Upgrade to 7.0 is noneexistant from 6.1 on iPod touch 4 !

Update erased my saved data

All my favorites are gone. Can't even find a common bird whose name I know: cormorant. Instead, trying to look it up by any means I could, trying to describe it, the app comes up with "common crow." Really?!

Nice app

Incredible tool to help one to know birds song, habitat, behavior, etc.


Love the songs

Update destroyed data

This WAS a favorite app, but the recent update eliminated my favorites, which was a record of the birds that have visited my yard over past two years.

Amazing update

Love the "birds around me" feature, thank you for an amazing few upgrade.

Best ever for garden

This app is simply amazing.

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